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Louise M. Avatar
Louise M.
7/01/2018 - Facebook

Had my brows done today and I loved it so professional and I'm delighted with the results thank you.

Payton J. Avatar
Payton J.
11/19/2018 - Facebook

This is one of the BEST trainings I’ve been too by far. I learned so much in these two days. I plan to visit Ireland in the near future to shadow Monica. If you’re considering taking her class. Do it. Don’t hesitate.

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Lana D. Avatar
Lana D.
10/27/2017 - Facebook

I can not even express the wisdom this lady possesses in the field of Permanent Cosmetics!! She is the Queen of brows in every sence of the word... Her brows are spectacular, her training is over the top,and she's perfection all the way around!!! Hard core trainer and gives 150% of herself to her students!!!! No droping the ball, she never stops, and pushes us to be the best!!!!!!
She is the best of the best!!!!! Love our Monica

Martyna K. Avatar
Martyna K.
8/02/2017 - Facebook

Monica is an amazing friendly and such a cute person with original skills and she is sooo proffesional � i am sooo happy with my eyebrows ! They are perfect !! And only thanks to her my natural looking eyebrows will save me soooo much time doin make up everyday. Would recomend her to everyone. Well worth every penny !! ��� ���

Agnes K. Avatar
Agnes K.
11/06/2017 - Facebook

Absolutely delighted with the results!Monica is a lovely lady and most importantly a true pro and I am so happy that I've decided to get procedure done at her salon .Thank's a million! xx

Rachel S. Avatar
Rachel S.
2/19/2017 - Facebook

Woke up with eyebrows for the 1st time in years thanks to Monica. To say I'm delighted with them is an understatement. Would defiantly recommend MyBrows Permanent Makeup ���👁👁

Karolina K. Avatar
Karolina K.
6/27/2017 - Facebook

the most nicest and profesional pernament make up(eyebrows) artist ever !! Monica is so nice she made me feel so comfortable threw the whole time i was there ..to say i was paranoid about the pain now i can say it was the most relaxing procedure ever ! i trusted her 100% after she talked to me about whats going to happen and i was right i came out with the most beutiful eyebrows anyone could wish for !! i would recommend her to everyone and i will be goin back in the future ..thanks to Monica ��

Tara N. Avatar
Tara N.
11/01/2017 - Facebook

I’m delighted with my brows. Monica is a master of her trade she done such an amazing job. They have healed so perfectly and look super natural.

Christine N. Avatar
Christine N.
4/30/2019 - Facebook

Had the pleasure of training with Monica in the USA, specifically, Dallas, Texas. He work and techniques are industry-changing. I enjoyed every minute of it and would definitely recommend taking her classes!

Ciara C. Avatar
Ciara C.
7/15/2020 - Facebook

Thank you Monica and Meg ! Was so nervous but was put right at ease *pic 1 hour post brows ! Love them can’t wait to see them when heeled !! ❤️

1000% recommend

Rino A. Avatar
Rino A.
5/28/2018 - Facebook

I loved it

Mary W. Avatar
Mary W.
7/10/2020 - Facebook

I just went and had my eyebrows topped up today by Monica. I’m in love with them 🥰
I first went as a model in October for her students to practice etc. The young last that was training and did my brows back then was amazing also. I’d recommend MY BROWS PERMANENT MAKE UP ACADEMY to anyone without any hesitation xx

Louise M. Avatar
Louise M.
7/01/2018 - Facebook

Had my brows done today and I loved it so professional and I'm delighted with the results thank you.

Joanne D. Avatar
Joanne D.
3/08/2016 - Facebook

Monica is so talented and is such a perfectionist . I am thrilled with the results . I would highly recommend her to anyone .

Jessicajean A. Avatar
Jessicajean A.
11/24/2018 - Facebook

very quick in and out in no time and most certainly the best in the business by the look of her work cnt wait to go back get these brows sorted by the best big thank you xx

Ana C. Avatar
Ana C.
4/10/2017 - Facebook

The best eyebrow ever !!! Every single women wish to have eyebrows like these !!!

Gabriela M. Avatar
Gabriela M.
3/18/2016 - Facebook

Monika is an amazing talent ,so professional and I would highly recommend Monica anyone.Thank you Monika for the amazing brows ,love them so much 🙂 🙂

Becca F. Avatar
Becca F.
8/18/2016 - Facebook

Monica is amazing at what she does I could not recommend her enough such a lovely woman it's safe to say I will let nobody else touch my brows in future the results are amazing xxx

Aisha O. Avatar
Aisha O.
7/19/2017 - Facebook

I recently attended Monica's advanced hairstroke brow course. I felt that I had struggled with my technique but during and after the course I felt so much more confident! Monica explains things so well, she takes the time to figure out where it is you might need extra help and then focuses on that. On top of that, she's such a lovely down to earth person. Would highly recommend her courses to anyone thinking about it.

Lisa W. Avatar
Lisa W.
4/23/2019 - Facebook

Monica made me feel so at ease when I first got my brows done. I was so nervous and she explained everything so thoroughly and I couldn’t be happier with the results. My mum, sis and auntie have all been to see Monica and couldn’t recommend her highly enough. All thrilled with our results! Thanks so much! X

Olimpiada I. Avatar
Olimpiada I.
11/08/2018 - Facebook

A Big Big Thank you to Monica.She is the Brow Queen😘🤗.Last week I had an Masterclass Training with Monica and the way she is teaching is amazing.She will give you the 100% of confidence.I admire you for your talent and for the Brow art you created🤗🤗🤗😘Thanks a lot dear Monica🌹

Nicole J. Avatar
Nicole J.
10/17/2016 - Facebook

So professional and friendly. Gave Monika my full faith and I couldn't be happier with my brows.

Nora O. Avatar
Nora O.
9/07/2016 - Facebook

Absolutely delighted with my brows monica couldnt be happier your amazing at what you do thank you so much xxxx

Heidi R. Avatar
Heidi R.
7/03/2018 - Facebook

Investing in the intimate Masterclass set up was money very well spent! I chose Monica’s class after lots of research in to tutors on the various SPMU Facebook forums I follow, where her past students spoke been highly of her. It didn’t disappoint. She taught me lots, gave me lots of hands on experience and I left feeling optimistic and confident and excited to integrate what is learned in to my practice in the UK.

Marina S. Avatar
Marina S.
3/30/2017 - Facebook

Monica is the best in Ireland! She is very professional and kind. Her skills are the bomb! If you are looking for somebody to do your eyebrows or eyeliner there is no one better than her. Highly recommend �

Ksenia I. Avatar
Ksenia I.
5/26/2017 - Facebook

I can not describe how lucky I was to get trained by Monica! Not only she is amazingly talented but also sweet, down to earth, extremily kind and loving person.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills! And I hope our ways will cross again soon. Much love ❤️

Meg S. Avatar
Meg S.
1/20/2017 - Facebook

Just done a two day intense training with Monica. It was amazing from start to finish. Everything Monica thought came from her experience over time and her knowledge from all the training she has done herself. I have done training before and nothing compares to the training I received in the last two days. For anyone even thinking twice about doing training with Monica, DONT it was worth every penny and bit of time spent training with the best �

Marie C. Avatar
Marie C.
7/06/2018 - Facebook

My daughter & friend both got they’re eyebrows done by Monica and they both love them. Monica is a miracle worker � she is so good at her job, so professional and a lovely girl. Would highly recommend her �

Caroline D. Avatar
Caroline D.
8/18/2017 - Facebook

What a lady Monica...an absolute amazing job pure dedication, attention to detail outstanding skill I'm absolutely mesmerised by the whole experience from start to finish...pain free procedure in beautiful releaxed & tranquil surroundings. ..highly recommend!!
Loving my new brows. Thank you so much!!

Rebecca L. Avatar
Rebecca L.
5/19/2016 - Facebook

Thank you so much for my brows I LOVE them ❤️❤️❤️

Payton J. Avatar
Payton J.
11/19/2018 - Facebook

This is one of the BEST trainings I’ve been too by far. I learned so much in these two days. I plan to visit Ireland in the near future to shadow Monica. If you’re considering taking her class. Do it. Don’t hesitate.

Rachel W. Avatar
Rachel W.
7/26/2016 - Facebook

Monika is absolutely amazing at what she does! The studio is beautiful and peaceful and the whole procedure was utterly relaxing and enjoyable ☺ Monika goes through every step throughly and explains the process in great detail. I would highly recommend her to everybody!! I am completely in love with my eyebrows and will definitely be back!! xxx

Lauren H. Avatar
Lauren H.
5/25/2017 - Facebook

I attended Monica's Advanced Hairstroke Class in Florida! Monica is truly a phenomenal artist and teacher. She is passionate about each and every client and student. I highly recommend her training! One of my bucket list goals is to have Monica do my brows! As an artist it's hard to trust others but I would trust my face with Monica any day!

Denise B. Avatar
Denise B.
8/18/2016 - Facebook

I first saw Monicas work on Facebook and knew I had to have those brows. I went for a consultation with Monica and she explained everything perfectly I got my brows done on Tuesday And would highly recommend her work She's very professional My brows are a perfect shape and enhance my eyes ( I look ten years younger) I'm thrilled with the result

Josephine d. Avatar
Josephine d.
3/22/2019 - Facebook

So when your looking to learn pmu or just to up your game. Monica is the woman to see. She has a unique method of teaching that somehow makes you just get it ! She’s a true talent and such an inspiration to many in the pmu industry. A real perfectionist with such a friendly warm approach to training. ❤️ U MONICA XXX Thank you for sharing you skills and secrets at the M&M class xxx

Angie W. Avatar
Angie W.
3/23/2019 - Facebook

I just completed a Masterclass today with the amazing Monica. The best training I have ever received. So informative so helpful in every way. I have been following her now for a few years and I can honestly say she is thee best artist I’ve ever seen and such a sweetheart too. Can’t thank you enough😘 can’t wait to put my skills into practice !!

Marta S. Avatar
Marta S.
11/22/2017 - Facebook

Best best best in every way!!!!

Natasha B. Avatar
Natasha B.
12/06/2017 - Facebook

Monica is the ultimate brow expert. An absolute genius at what she does. She made me feel so relaxed about the process and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone considering having their brows done.

Emma M. Avatar
Emma M.
4/22/2017 - Facebook

After going through cancer treatment my eyebrows were never the same.. I heard about Monica and her Amazing work .. .. I can not believe the difference prefect eyebrows has made ..and it was completely pain free .. Monica Thank you So Much... you are Incredibly Talented !!!

Steiner Z. Avatar
Steiner Z.
12/27/2016 - Facebook

Amazing work with absolutely professional beauty artist Monika.
I couldn't be happier with my new brows�
Changed my whole look
Thank You again �

Grace O. Avatar
Grace O.
4/11/2017 - Facebook

I got my eyebrows done for the first time today. My brows were both SO different and Monica was able to give me a balanced, natural look. I am amazed and totally love my new brows! Can't recommend her highly enough. She is a genius!

Denise M. Avatar
Denise M.
3/05/2016 - Facebook

What an amazing talent this lady has she has completely transformed my life for the better!!! I wake up every morning delighted with my brows! She really knows her stuff ❤️

Diana D. Avatar
Diana D.
5/30/2017 - Facebook

OK I figure this out with my secretary I've been waiting to put a post on here to tell the world on how wonderful my experience was with Monica she was patient And put up with all of us and never let us give up I highly recommend training with her thank you again Monica

Lynsey M. Avatar
Lynsey M.
4/06/2017 - Facebook

I had my brows done today off Monica I was very nervous as I think everyone is getting anything semi permanent on there face. I was made feel so comfortable. Monica takes so much time and effort to give you the best results possible I love my eyebrows and I'm so happy I went to her she's the best thanks again Monica

Nicole C. Avatar
Nicole C.
10/26/2016 - Facebook

"Monica is the best!" After over a year considering and researching different brow technicians I am so glad I picked Monica as she is highly professional, spent over 3 hrs detailing my brows. I am so happy with them! Highly reccomend her to everyone! You pay for quality workmanship!!! Thanks Monica xx

Geraldine M. Avatar
Geraldine M.
1/10/2017 - Facebook

A fantastic job in beautiful surroundings. Thanks Monica

Jason C. Avatar
Jason C.
3/29/2018 - Facebook

I’m using my friends page as I’m not on Facebook ....

Absolutely recommend couldn’t be any more happier with my eye brows i had no shape hardly an eyebrow to begin with, went got them done off the wonderful Monica she was so kind and helpful , so much Easier waking up not having to draw on an eyebrow on everyday well worth money , I love mine thank you so much � from Andrea

Lana N. Avatar
Lana N.
2/25/2018 - Facebook

I took a class with Monica not long a go. It s such a wonderful class. I was blown away by Monica kindness and talent. I couldn’t have asked for better guidance . Monica is truly amazing teacher. She is the most humble trainer I ever met, willing to share with you every thing she know she also always support me, whenever I ask her questions she replies me so fast. ! I would give you ten stars if I could. 😘
Highly recommend 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Amanda T. Avatar
Amanda T.
3/08/2016 - Facebook

Monica is such a lovely lady and very professional off course, the time she spent doin my brows was very precise she's a perfectionist,I couldn't be happier wit the outcome it's great to wake up wit perfect brows,the time I safe doin my makeup now is great,doin the brows myself was a nightmare,I would definitely recommend Monica for anyone who is abit nervous about considering permanent makeup u won't be disappointed my only downside is that I didn't go to her sooner thank you Monica

Melanie G. Avatar
Melanie G.
1/19/2019 - Facebook

fantastic sevice and so professional, thank you Monika, love my eyebrows and would highly recommend you. incredible from start to finish and made me feel so comfortable throughout the whole process xx

Jem N. Avatar
Jem N.
12/11/2016 - Facebook

Got my brows done with Monica in mid-Nov and was absolutely delighted with the results! Monica was such a perfectionist with the measurements and hair strokes! After years of being self-conscious of my lack of brows, it's so nice to not have to worry about it anymore! Can't wait to go back and get my touch up done! �

Lynda G. Avatar
Lynda G.
9/13/2016 - Facebook

Absolutely love my new brows ♥ monica is amazing at what she does..I would recommend her to anyone that's thinking about getting them done 🙂 thank you so much... :*

Heather M. Avatar
Heather M.
5/26/2018 - Facebook

Got my brows done today with Monica and I cannot thank her enough. She is such a perfectionist and made me feel so at ease. Monica really had her work cut out with me because I had little or no brows to start with, she spent a lot of time measuring to get it perfect , and I wanted a natural hairstroke finish, and that’s exactly what I got. I cannot recommend her highly enough, truly amazing at what she does.

Sarah R. Avatar
Sarah R.
10/10/2016 - Facebook

Monica is amazing woman I love my eyebrows. Thank you, so much Monica xxx

Honey O. Avatar
Honey O.
5/24/2017 - Facebook

Me and my sister had our eyebrows done with monica she is lovely, there was absolutely no pain and they look so natural. Would definitely recommend getting your eyebrows done here �

Jacqui T. Avatar
Jacqui T.
11/06/2019 - Facebook

Monica is an amazing teacher! She’s genuinely concerned with each student working on the specific things they each need. She’s kind and patient and full of knowledge. I learned a ton in her hairstroke brows class this week. Before her class i did not feel confident and now I’m ready to hit the ground running !

Michelle G. Avatar
Michelle G.
7/12/2016 - Facebook

From the moment I arrived I knew this lady was a professional. Made me feel so comfortable and explained everything in great detail and answered any question or concern I had. I was nervous as my own eye brows are quite thin and although excited I was nervous of the outcome and how they would suit me. I'm can't say how happy I am with my new and very natural looking brows! Highly recommend to anyone thinking about it. Do it 🙂 🙂

Genavieve M. Avatar
Genavieve M.
3/04/2016 - Facebook

I can't recommend MyBrows enough!! Monica is such a perfectionist and so professional. There's a reason she's booked out for months!!

Julia A. Avatar
Julia A.
11/09/2017 - Facebook

Hello Monica it’s your Angela. This class was the best and so was Monica. She is an awesome instructor and I recommend this class. I learned so much especially how to pack the Pigment.

Priscilla M. Avatar
Priscilla M.
8/31/2018 - Facebook

Love my self again all thank to the mammy for paying an the new eyebrows would highly recommend 😍

Lana B. Avatar
Lana B.
7/13/2016 - Facebook

Thank you so much Monica, my brows are absolutely amazing. I love them, you are a genius. I'll never go without these again. Truly recommend Monica in My brows for eyebrow transformation!

Kerrie O. Avatar
Kerrie O.
12/05/2020 - Facebook

I have to say I had the loveliest expierience from start to finish today I highly recommend I am so happy with my brows and even in this difficult time I left the salon feeling relaxed and couldn't be happier with the end result